Be part of our momentum and enjoy a rewarding Minto mine career

The Minto mine is thriving and we’re excited about the future ahead. Find out if a Minto mine career is a good fit for you!

We care about our people just as much as our outcomes

We’re a group of people who enjoy seeing hard work pay off. We trust each other to do their best in every situation, and we celebrate each success for the team effort that it is. Generosity and gratefulness are important to us and we give back to our community every chance we get.

A career at Minto offers more than just mining experience

Our entire team is committed to making Minto a successful and enjoyable place to work. A place where every person knows that they and their contributions are deeply valued. We do our best to live that out in tangible ways like offering flexible scheduling, housing, meals, snacks, transportation, health spending accounts, and more.

We know we’re stronger together

Each and every person at Minto, from the most senior position to the most recent hire, plays a critical role in our success. The Yukon mining industry can be hard, but as other mines in the region have closed, Minto has become a place for people of all backgrounds and experiences to unite and work together to produce quality results.

Our employees demonstrating
our values



Flexible rotational work schedule

RRSP or TFSA Matching savings plan

Employee camp rooms with private showers & bathrooms

Paid company transportation to/from site

Tool and PPE Allowances

Health, Dental, Health Spending Account

Unlimited on-site meals and snacks

One-day travel to-from site from major Canadian cities


Are you looking for a rewarding career in the mining industry, surrounded by the beauty of the Yukon? We’re on the lookout for new team members.

Permitting Coordinator



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Permitting Coordinator



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